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When is choosing ACCS right for you?

Choosing a Bible college is a significant decision. We're here to HELP.

Choosing a Bible college is a life shaping decision. A well-chosen course and college can set you on a pathway to a productive, rewarding and fulfilling vocational life. Even for those who are studying out of interest (rather than with ministry goals) the decision offers great reward. This site exists to help you make an informed decision.

We believe that ACCS ticks every box. We hope you will agree. We deliver:

  • Impressive facilities,
  • Qualified and dedicated staff,
  • An exciting and God-centred curriculum,
  • Scripture-inspired instruction,
  • Admirable standards of academic and spiritual excellence,
  • Encouragement and support with community-based interaction.

Both Standards and Support

As a leading and established Bible college, the Australian College of Christian Studies sets high standards and delivers on them. History has proven it. Our awards are highly regarded and widely recognised. Awards are accepted for entry into post-graduate courses at universities and higher education providers' nation-wide.

When it comes to financial support, you'll be pleased to know that ACCS’ undergraduate students (eligible Australian citizens only) qualify for the FEE-HELP system. We are fully accredited by the Federal Government. We recognise previous learning and provide advanced standing.  It should be noted that ACCS VET students do not qualify for FEE-HELP.

From helping you with your course choices, to supporting you in your learning journey, you can be assured of personal attention from our talented and friendly staff. They are as qualified as they are dedicated. They truly are here for you! Our Alumni network is also there to support and encourage you.

We are located in Burwood, NSW, and is our location for both our classroom classes and our main office. Online is also available for new students.

There are important questions to answer and we want to guide and assist wherever we can.

  • Do you want your study to position you for a career?
  • Are you looking to improve your skills and knowledge?
  • Would you prefer part-time or full-time, face-to-face or online delivery?
  • Do you want this growth accredited, or are you content just with the experience?
  • If so, what level of award are you seeking? Certificate, Diploma, Degree or Masters?

There are other questions too. If you aren't sure about anything, don't hold back that question. Just make contact and we'll help wherever we can.

Whatever your motivation, preferred delivery method or specific qualification goals, ACCS can help you reach your highest potential. Call or complete the form JUST TO THE right and we'll help you move a step closer to the results and future you desire.

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