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We have something to suit your lifestyle.

The Australian College of Christian Studies (ACCS) offers one of the most flexible learning platforms available. Whether you are searching for an online Bible college, face-to-face tuition or some other variation, we are here to help. Whatever your area of study or preferred method of delivery, we can accommodate your desires. What method would you prefer? We provide you with the following options:

  • Classroom-Based study
  • Online-Based study
  • Audit (assessment free)
  • Full-time or part-time

Classroom-Based Study

The usual and most popular mode of teaching is conventional face-to-face delivery. Learning with others by your side, you are assured of small and intimate numbers of fellow students – enough to keep it lively and friendly, but not so many that you get lost in the crowd. Personable interaction, confidential discussions and the foundations of long-term professional and friendly relationships, are all hallmarks of our system.

Online-Based Study

If you prefer the flexibility of a self-paced, online Bible college programme, you might choose online delivery for your selected course. This option means that your lifestyle can remain manageable, whilst accommodating studies at your personal convenience. Almost all our courses offer this mode of delivery, the notable exception being some subjects of the Bachelor and Associate Degree of Social Science courses, due to the sensitive nature of the counselling course content. In those instances, delivery will be available to students by alternate means.

Our Online-Based studies are offered in a trimester system, with each trimester having 13 weeks.

Assessment Free Study

Prefer to enrich your spirit, enjoy the fruits of discussion, hang with like-minded people and enjoy a rich academic forum without the pain and threats of assessments? In this case, our Audit option may be for you. To enjoy the benefits of a tertiary education, you must usually commit to the rudimentary obligations of substantial study, hours of assignments, and arduous exams. Audit students can invest themselves in an ACCS without the weight of these responsibilities.

Full-Time or Part-Time

Your remaining choice is whether to study full time or part-time. Our Diploma of Theology is completed in one year; our Associate Degree courses are completed in two years and our Bachelor degrees in three. You can extend those durations for part-time study. A Bachelor degrees course can be stretched as far as nine years, meaning your life can maintain normality whilst you acquire valuable knowledge and qualifications.

We are a flexible, face-to-face or online Bible college. It's all about choice and the choice is yours. Contact us for more information and get the ball rolling on a flexible, successful and fulfilling tertiary experience.

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Download our current Prospectus

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