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In this lost and confused world there is an ever-increasing need for Christian counselling and Chaplaincy courses that equip and train competent professionals. The 21st century presents many individuals with a complex array of difficulties that are increasingly hard to navigate; yet our sociological supports are minimal. The helping professions have therefore become vital services and the demand for well-equipped graduates in these fields is increasing.

Whatever the area of concern, an open and loving approach, sound techniques, informed awareness, and the power of God's word can combine to make a powerful difference for individuals experiencing difficulties. As a counsellor or chaplain infused with spiritual wisdom and equipped with a sound knowledge base, you can be a shining light in an increasingly dark world.

ACCS Principal Dr. Len Smith sums it up nicely:

"If you have a heart for people: the abused, the neglected, the lonely and the sick, then you want to reach out to them with both knowledge and love. Compassionate Christian counsellors or chaplains are able to provide holistic, non-judgemental understanding as they seek to provide care that empowers and leads to enhanced human functioning."

If that is your desire, then the very significant vocation of counselling or chaplaincy, and our Associate Degree and Degree programmes in Social Science are for you!

Fully Accredited and Industry respected Counselling Courses

Our courses are designed and structured to help caring Christians reach out and comfort individuals, couples and families in crisis. The comprehensive syllabus provides knowledge, understanding and skills to match Christian concern with practical techniques.

The Associate Degree in Social Science is equivalent to the first two years of the Bachelor of Social Science. Students can graduate with the AssocDegSocSc award or continue on and complete the BSocSc within a specified time span. The AssocDegSocSc could complement other professional studies already gained in areas such as Nursing and Teaching.

In the Bachelor of Social Science studies, students learn to explore and integrate biblical and psychological principles, and arrive at a position of readiness and experience that will help clients work through problem issues with a realistic worldview and an increased ability to think, feel and respond in an effective way.

To continue with words of Principal, Dr Len Smith:

"Students develop an understanding of the complex social and cultural issues that challenge every age group. They participate in classroom and practical sessions that develop both counselling and chaplaincy knowledge and skills. They graduate equipped to be a counsellor or chaplain in diverse contexts, with theoretical and practical skills that are undergirded by a strong Christian ethos".

Our Christian counselling and chaplaincy courses equip caring students to become proficient and influential change makers in individual lives. 

To find out more, give us a call. We look forward to assisting you. 

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