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Supporting and investing in ACCS

The Australian College of Christian Studies is an educational institution, a professional and caring team, as well as a family. Supporting this institution, team and family is an investment. It is an act sowing into the future of Australia, its culture, its people and the mission of love, healing and evangelism that the church is commissioned with. This is good soil and we invite your support.

As an organisation we are a Bible college, ministry and counselling training centre, as well as a resource for Christians of all academic levels who want to grow. Through our varied delivery levels and courses, we fulfill a variety of recognised needs in our culture.

The Importance of our "Seed Sowing" Sponsors and Partners

We have many operational costs to cover. We do this by drawing on student fees, Individual Sponsors, Corporate Sponsors and Ministry Partners. With all three sources, we can continue to be effective and empowering for a new generation of disciples and world changers.

All our supporters make a difference, and we appreciate them all. We especially value our regular givers however, those who provide a monthly or annual donation. These people allow us to not only deliver at an optimal level, but also enable us to budget, plan and confidently respond to opportunities or needs as they arise. Our regular sponsors and donors help us deliver and equip the future ministers of this country!

Both Individual and Corporate Sponsors are obviously very important to us. Sponsors also benefit with links from our website and constant promotion of their business wherever and whenever we can.

Our Ministry Partners are extremely important as well. Not only do we arrange for mutual website linking, to assist in search engine results, but we also partner with them in other ways. These additional approaches may include having them explain and promote their ministries at Live Chapel events throughout the week.

Without Bible and Christian study colleges, we have no place where people who have a heart for ministry and/or discipleship can be trained in a thorough, career and ministry empowering way. We are not a luxury or optional service. There is a need, and we are devoted to sincerely, faithfully and professionally addressing it.

Would you like to be a part of an organisation that produces good fruit, equips nation-changers and changes Australia with the love and grace of God?

Contact us today to join us in growing the Kingdom of God!

ASQA RTO Code 91402.
CRICOS Code: 03375M.
TEQSA Provider Number: PRV12047.

Australian College of Christian Studies is a Member Institution of The Sydney College of Divinity and teaches its awards. CRICOS Provider: 02948J

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