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Emmaus Road and Logoi Pistoi

So another year has come and gone. And while the world has been enjoying the holidays and time off, we here at ACCS have been hard at work to come out with a number of new things for 2018. This news section is going to be used to let you know some of the things we've been working on.

First up, is our Emmaus Road and Logo Pistoi publications. Emmaus Road is a magazine that we have published over the years, and continue to publish, which is aimed at the average reader to engage them in interesting topics. This can range from current events, how Christians should deal with certain issues to more academic works. Logoi Pistoi is our internal academic research publications that we've made public for you to enjoy.

You can read the current Emmaus Road copies here and the Logoi Pistoi papers here. We hope you enjoy them!

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