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What is wrong with Theology Today?

A lecture in contemporary theology commenced with the question: how many of you like theology? The majority responded: “we don’t like it but have to study it.” “Why don’t you like it?” asked the professor.

Challenging comments pooled in. One said, “theology is too critical, suspicious and negative.” Another, “theology is unpractical and abstract.” A third, “theology is boredom with words.” Still another, “theology is not worthy of its name.”

What is wrong with today’s theology?


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Sound Advice from a Third Year Counselling Student

Hi there fellow students,

My name is Paul and I’ve been studying at ACCS for the last 5 years. I’d love to share some of my thoughts and experiences with those just starting this journey as well as those further along the path.

I recall sitting down in my first class at the old Miranda campus having no idea what I was in for. As I looked around the room at the 8 or so other students who were at various points of the Bachelor of Social Science journey I felt completely out of my depth and feared I had bitten off way more than I could chew. It was only as my journey unfolded over the following months and years that I realised that same fear permeated in varying degrees through every one of my fellow student’s hearts and minds.

As I reflect on this time now, I note the development of relational depth and community amongst my fellow students came as each of us risked vulnerability in sharing the positive learning experiences as well as the fears and challenges that comes with the study journey.

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Fine Details in the Joseph Narrative

The story of Joseph (Gen 37-50) is well known to even casual readers of the Bible. It is a well-constructed narrative which knits many elements together in an interesting way without extraneous details. Although it is a very familiar story, I have often read it without noticing some fine (or, minor) details that contribute to its overall meaning. Recently I began to read the story again in Hebrew. Reading the Bible in in the original languages forces a modern reader to read slowly and to give close attention to all details of the text. This blog article intends to bring to light a few of the fine details that can make the reading of the narrative more accurate, more interesting and perhaps more fulfilling.

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It is that time again, the end of another Trimester. Congratulations to all our students who have tried hard, done the best they could, sometimes under difficult circumstances. It is soon to be a time of well earned rest.

In a recent course Rest was discussed and analysed from various perspectives. Rest, it seems simple enough, yet from the research people seem to have less and less opportunity or desire to rest as the pressures of a fast paced, have all, society presents itself in a variety of ways to interrupt the rest necessary to sustain us in our work and study.

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The Leader Within

From time to time something we read has an impact for no apparent reason and it remains with us. It may be deep or light, serious or humorous, yet for some reason it influences our perspective. The analogy of David the giant killer presented by John Maxwell in his book Be a People Person comes to mind.

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