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The Sydney College of Divinity is a leading Christian theological education provider. SCD offers accredited awards to equip people from all walks of life for effective ministry in a rapidly changing world. The Sydney College of Divinity is accredited by TEQSA as a Higher Education Provider. Sydney College of Divinity, CRICOS Provider code 02948J. is registered with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). Registration on CRICOS allows Sydney College of Divinity to offer courses to overseas students studying, or intending to study, in Australia on student visas.

ACCS is a Member Institution of Sydney College of Divinity and teaches their awards. Students enrolling in these SCD awards are governed by the relevant SCD policies.

More information on SCD policies


We offer:

MASTER OF ARTS (Cricos code: 063708J)

The Master of Arts course is designed for those who hold a tertiary qualification in a non-theological discipline who wish to pursue a graduate qualification with either a Major in Biblical Studies or a Christian Counselling and those seeking skills to enhance their professional work. Equivalent to 18 months of the Master of Divinity course.

Master of Arts (1.5 Years* – 12 subjects)
*Completion time assumes full-time study

SCD Information on the Master of Arts

MASTER OF THEOLOGY (cricos code: 063709g)

An advanced graduate program in theology and related disciplines for candidates with a prior three-year theological degree and who seek to deepen their learning, explore theological disciplines and better equip them with the higher learning skills they had begun to develop through their Undergraduate studies.

Master of Theology (1.5 Years* – 12 subjects)
*Completion time assumes full-time study

SCD Information on the Master of Theology

MASTER OF DIVINITY (cricos code: 063710d)

A graduate entry program for students with a previous tertiary qualification in a non-theological discipline seeking to undertake their initial theological studies. It is a comprehensive degree leading to Christian Ministry or graduate research study in theology at the highest level.

Master of Divinity (3 Years* – 24 subjects)
*Completion time assumes full-time study

SCD Information on the Master of Divinity




SCD Student Grievance Policy and Procedures

SCD Student Grievance Flowchart

SCD Student Refund and Withdrawal Policy

SCD Record Keeping Policy

SCD Critical Incident Policy

SCD Transfer between Registered Providers Policy

SCD Monitoring Course Progress of Overseas Students Policy

SCD Appeals Procedures

SCD Student Disability Policy



You can find more information about our postgraduate courses from our College Prospectus.


Research Degrees

The following research degrees are available from the Sydney College of Divinity, of which the
Australian College of Christian Studies is a Member Institution:

Master of Philosophy
Doctor of Ministry
Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor of Theology

FEE-HELP available for eligible students. Website:

To explore the research degree that’s right for you, contact Prof. Jim Harrison, Research Director at SCD, email
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., phone 9889 1969.

Any questions? Don't hesitate to call and we'll do our best to serve you. 

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We have something to suit your lifestyle.

The Australian College of Christian Studies (ACCS) offers one of the most flexible learning platforms available. Whether you are searching for an online Bible college, face-to-face tuition or some other variation, we are here to help. Whatever your area of study or preferred method of delivery, we can accommodate your desires. What method would you prefer? We provide you with the following options:

  • Classroom-Based study
  • Online-Based study
  • Audit (assessment free)
  • Full-time or part-time

Classroom-Based Study

The usual and most popular mode of teaching is conventional face-to-face delivery. Learning with others by your side, you are assured of small and intimate numbers of fellow students – enough to keep it lively and friendly, but not so many that you get lost in the crowd. Personable interaction, confidential discussions and the foundations of long-term professional and friendly relationships, are all hallmarks of our system.

Online-Based Study

If you prefer the flexibility of a self-paced, online Bible college programme, you might choose online delivery for your selected course. This option means that your lifestyle can remain manageable, whilst accommodating studies at your personal convenience. Almost all our courses offer this mode of delivery, the notable exception being some subjects of the Bachelor and Associate Degree of Social Science courses, due to the sensitive nature of the counselling course content. In those instances, delivery will be available to students by alternate means.

Our Online-Based studies are offered in a trimester system, with each trimester having 13 weeks.

Assessment Free Study

Prefer to enrich your spirit, enjoy the fruits of discussion, hang with like-minded people and enjoy a rich academic forum without the pain and threats of assessments? In this case, our Audit option may be for you. To enjoy the benefits of a tertiary education, you must usually commit to the rudimentary obligations of substantial study, hours of assignments, and arduous exams. Audit students can invest themselves in an ACCS without the weight of these responsibilities.

Full-Time or Part-Time

Your remaining choice is whether to study full time or part-time. Our Diploma of Theology is completed in one year; our Associate Degree courses are completed in two years and our Bachelor degrees in three. You can extend those durations for part-time study. A Bachelor degrees course can be stretched as far as nine years, meaning your life can maintain normality whilst you acquire valuable knowledge and qualifications.

We are a flexible, face-to-face or online Bible college. It's all about choice and the choice is yours. Contact us for more information and get the ball rolling on a flexible, successful and fulfilling tertiary experience.

Download our current VET Prospectus

Download our current Prospectus

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Information on fees for our various courses can be accessed by making a call on the number shown above. If you are not certain of your course or award level, we should be able to help you gain a good idea of the investment level required, as well as assistance available. Whatever stage you are at in the journey, just give us a call and we'll help you in every way we can.  

FEE-HELP Information

The handbook below is for information on how FEE HELP can be used to cover the cost of tuition fees when enrolling in a higher education course. The Study Assist website provides a summary of what you need to know when you access FEE HELP. The College will assist you to access a FEE HELP loan if you meet the eligibility criteria.

This provides a summary of what you need to know when you access FEE-HELP. It must be read before completing a Commonwealth Assistance form.

Please note that international students are not elligible for Fee-Help in Australia.

FEE-HELP Website

Course Costs

Read about 2019 course fees


Vocational courses have opened up great opportunities. Discover why.

ACCS is registered with the National VET Regulator, Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). For more information on ASQA please visit their website at RTO National Code: 91402

ACCS is registered with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). Registration on CRICOS allows ACCS to offer courses to overseas students studying, in Australia on student visas. CRICOS Code: 03375M

Vocational courses have revolutionised the training sector since their introduction. Their focus on practical application and ease of access has made them popular in almost every discipline, and the arena of Christian ministry is no exception. We offer Certificate IV and Diploma options.

The 10742NAT Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology (CRICOS No. 083602J) addresses the needs of those young in the faith as well as more mature believers wishing to contribute in a range of church ministries and roles. Many also pursue this course simply on its merits as a powerful stimulator of personal development.

Specifically, you can expect to more effectively:

• Facilitate ministry activities
• Interpret the bible
• Connect with community
• Engage publicly with confidence
• Develop new ideas of mission
• Enjoy your walk with God

This qualification will provide you with skills and knowledge so you can work in a variety of church related activities. Through the use of competency-based assessment in a range of settings, the Certificate IV course will give the confidence and abilities to effectively step into foundational leadership roles. Example outlets for these skills include leadership of youth groups, bible study groups or worship teams.

The 10743NAT Diploma in Christian Ministry and Theology (CRICOS No. 083603G) will empower and encourage you to assist the body of Christ. Church leadership positions like eldership, deaconship and youth ministry are all greatly reliant on the sort of knowledge and skills developed at this level.

Both courses are entry-level manageable courses. To learn more about them, simply give us a call.

Download our current VET Prospectus

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Edify yourself. Then edify the body.

As an academically credible and credentialed institution, the ACCS community will draw on your current understandings, grow your knowledge base and hone your skills. Through extensive Bible studies, we aim to further the Kingdom of God by building your faith and equipping you with theological knowledge and practical tools of growth. 

Our courses are known for their biblical interpretation and theological depth. We encourage rigour, self-examination and the willingness to be challenged. There are no theological blinkers allowed at ACCS so you will graduate with the confidence of having tested the rationale behind your beliefs, as well as the humility to acknowledge where 'grey' topics exist. 

Our staff also build into students' lives by guiding and counselling them as they prepare to share the love of Jesus with our broken world. We believe that the foundation of God's word centres on mission, and that the church is called to prepare the world for the return of Jesus Christ.

If you are challenged by the diversity of worldviews and dogma that compete for a Christian's attention; if you'd like to help yourself and others navigate that challenge competently and faithfully, then Theology sounds like a specialisation for you.

Our courses in Theology are multi-tiered, ranging from certificate courses to a Masters degree.

In the Bachelor of Theology course, students explore the famed chronicled history of our faith, as well as contemporary Christian truth, before proceeding into more robust and challenging exegetical arenas. Empowered with your Bible studies as your compass, you'll come to know much more about the foundations of our faith, the context yet timelessness of the Word and the applications of it in our challenging times. The Truth is the Word, and the Bible is your GPS!

Your three-year course includes a 12-month study of the biblical languages, Koine Greek and/or Hebrew, enabling you to discover and savour the authentic richness of the words of faith. Bolster your faith in every way as you discover the gems of wisdom and treasures of understanding.

"You will learn exegetical skills to unpack biblical truth," affirms ACCS Principal Dr. Len Smith. "You will develop an appreciation of the historical foundations. You'll critically and constructively assess contemporary worldviews providing the Christian alternative. Along with your fellow graduates you will become innovative communicators of Christian truth".

The course provides the sturdy base of biblical and academic scholarship for a ministry vocation in various church or para-church settings. Church leadership is most definitely the goal as a foundation is laid for further studies, or postgraduate practical training for vocations in Christian ministry.

Download our current Prospectus

Postgraduate Awards

Two choices are on offer if you wish to reach to the Masters' shelf: the Master of Theology and the Master of Divinity. These awards are delivered through Australian College of Christian Studies, as a Member Institution of Sydney College of Divinity.

The Master of Theology (CRICOS No 063709G) understandably requires a prior three-year theological degree. It is an advanced graduate program where students deepen their learning, further explore theological disciplines and fine-tune higher learning skills. The 18-month course encapsulates 12 comprehensive subjects.

The Master of Divinity (CRICOS No 063710D) option is a three-year commitment, completing 24 subjects. It boasts an extremely comprehensive syllabus that prepares the student for Christian ministry or graduate research study in theology at the highest level.

Any questions? Don't hesitate to call and we'll do our best to serve you.

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