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The course that's right for you

There's help here so you can make an informed decision.

If you've a particular career in mind, our articles explaining course options by area of vocation are ideal for you. If just looking for personal growth we have great options too - and we love having you on-board. If you're still unsure, additional options and flexibility are provided. At ACCS we strive to ensure our students achieve their goals and also enjoy the journey along the way!  

For those with an established career direction ...

Those who are seeking a career in full time ministry that includes church leadership, teaching or preaching are usually best choosing a Theology specialisation. Those seeking less specific ministry work will usually find a Ministry course suit them best. Aspiring counsellors, chaplains and pastoral care workers will be interested in our Counselling programs.

For those who already know their course ...

If you know what course you are after, you have the easiest journey of all. After checking out your options and the introductory information provided in the Courses menu, you'll want to make contact and ask for a Course Guide. Phone or use the form and we'll look after you.

For those who aren't so sure ...

For those who aren't sure yet, fear not; all the specialisations offer introductory level programs so you can investigate more before committing to long-term study. In addition, as an added peace-of-mind provision, if you change your mind after you're underway - sometimes even well underway- there is usually opportunity for almost seamless transition into a different award. That's one of the many benefits of choosing ACCS!

For those looking for growth ...

For those who are just looking for personal growth, our Audit course options are your perfect choice. These allow you to sit in alongside our full graduate students, experiencing the same content without the stress of the assessments. You aren't just a spectator either. Your input is sought and valued and your questions help keep the courses grounded and practical. Many a degree graduate has commented on the benefit of studying with passionate Audit students by their side. Iron sharpens iron!

The only question that will need answering then, is whether ACCS is the right choice. To better appreciate the many benefits of studying with us, you might also want to read our article, "When is choosing ACCS right for you?"

Our Prospective Student menu has also been designed to address the most common incoming student questions. It won't answer every question - we didn't want to overwhelm you - but it will establish the main benefits and introduce you to the experience of family, growth and journey that defines the ACCS experience.

We invite you to fill out the contact form or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you and we especially look forward to growing with you!

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