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The Leader Within

From time to time something we read has an impact for no apparent reason and it remains with us. It may be deep or light, serious or humorous, yet for some reason it influences our perspective. The analogy of David the giant killer presented by John Maxwell in his book Be a People Person comes to mind.

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Learning via Involvement

Socrates famously exclaimed: “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” It is commonly aimed at the mind alone to the exclusion of the heart. Such a learning process is thought without passion, knowledge without virtue, and theory without praxis.

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Covenant - Berith


Can you use this word correctly in a sentence?  Does the word sound old fashioned or super-theological? Bible translations and paraphrases from the KJV (1611) down to The Message (2002) use “covenant” to render the Hebrew word berith into English, even though “covenant” is rarely heard in modern conversation.  So then, what is the meaning of “covenant” in modern English and what does berith signify?

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Emmaus Road and Logoi Pistoi

So another year has come and gone. And while the world has been enjoying the holidays and time off, we here at ACCS have been hard at work to come out with a number of new things for 2018. This news section is going to be used to let you know some of the things we've been working on.

First up, is our Emmaus Road and Logo Pistoi publications. Emmaus Road is a magazine that we have published over the years, and continue to publish, which is aimed at the average reader to engage them in interesting topics. This can range from current events, how Christians should deal with certain issues to more academic works. Logoi Pistoi is our internal academic research publications that we've made public for you to enjoy.

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Diploma in Christian Ministry and Theology

This is a ministry and theology qualification with a difference. Relevant for today, practical in application and empowering you to engage with the community, it is also completed in just one academic year!

This ACCS diploma will empower and encourage you. Senior church positions like eldership, deaconship and youth ministry are all greatly reliant on the sort of knowledge and skills developed in this course. Expect your all-important skills of Bible interpretation and communication practices to bloom and grow.

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